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Who is Aninxa.com? 

Aninxa Jewelers Design and Manufacturing is a family owned business created with the knowledge and new evolutionary ideas of  2nd and 3rd generation jewelers and the experience of our original founder who has been performing this type of work for more than 35 years; 26 of those years in the wholesale industry.  Our business is not only based on our experience and knowledge, but on quality and professionalism as well; which will continue to be our primary objective.

We are not intermediaries or sellers for others, you are buying direct from the manufacturer.  Custom jobs (names, monograms, etc.) are our very own designs; hand drawn and engraved by our excellent professionals, therefore you will only find products inspired by our creativity.  We do not use designs created by others, or photos with people showing a product that has not been developed by Aninxa Jewelers.  However, for the satisfaction of our costumers, we can create your designs and/or ideas, as well as logos, signatures, family crests, etc. 

The difference in the quality of our custom jewelry is evident even in our photographs, making your piece(s) unique.  The varied selection we bring to you: rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc are prepared with great care, so you will receive what we all expect when making that special purchase "the guarantee and quality of what we pay for".  In order for our clients to feel 100% confident they will receive the product they are viewing, we have done our best in regards to the photos and its enlargements, also the specifications for each product: measurements, thickness, silver, gold karat, weight, color and quality of diamonds, and other details.  Information we feel is of utmost importance to our clients; knowing that our quality will exceed your expectations. 

The reputation of our work for over 35 years has been based on three fundamental aspects: honesty, quality and price.  These aspects, we guarantee you'll receive in Aninxa.  In our 26 years as wholesalers, we have gotten used to competition in what we do and are not surprise by those who claim to be # 1 or say they are the cheapest or have the best quality.  In Aninxa Jewelers we won’t say anything as absolute without it being verifiable.  But we will say this - you will be satisfied and happy with our quality and service and we will be grateful for your patronage, both verifiable. Always remember to compare Apples vs. Apples.   

Aninxa Jewelers

Who is Aninxa Jewelers?